Jumat, 31 Januari 2014

Low-cost shopping: 20 for less than 25

Is it possible to find 20 items it and all of them are worth less than €25? The answer is Yes. It is a matter of research by online stores and the Empires of the low-cost or, failing that, find this post by tip and heel. I've already done your homework and here I bring twenty solutions pockets fashionistas in crisis.

One of these items it is crop-tops, which can become double trend if it's one with tacks, ethnic print or comes with message. You can combine those of long sleeve with high skirts and short-sleeved, with a patterned cardigan, jeans and a biker jacket.

It is also possible to find dresses at this price that fix your look by themselves. The key is prints, which will have a worthy Queen of Lookbook outfit with a few Add-ons. Another option are printed jackets, which you can combine with basic and also become double trend if it's a kimono or Aztec print.

Skirts below this price will find thousands, these are just one example. There are imitation leather, maximum trend, and even combining this tissue with tartan for the must have of the season in a single garment. The paillettes will never pass fashion if it is night, lady skirts will highlight your most feminine side and Baroque miniskirts are perfect with wide day sweaters or high heels at night.

Other items that can give the final touch to your look are printed sweatshirts, whether they are Galactic or flowers - another trend. You can also find messages again in sequined-sleeved Sweatshirt or t-shirt with one of the most trendy: "Coco save and bless us in luxury regime". A last garment that we can not escape are the jeans with prints, and if they are floral or Aztec (find in Forever 21), better still.

Do you think of these bargains of the season? Do you want to browse the shops in search of the perfect low-cost?

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